Martell may refer to:

Clark Martell, neo-Nazi Skinhead
Edward Martell, former radiochemist for the US National Center for Atmospheric Research
Karl Martell (Charles Martel), Majordomo and Duke of the Franks; victor of the Battle of Tours (732)
Karl Hermann Martell, a German actor
Lena Martell, a Scottish singer
Piera Martell, a Swiss singer
Vince Martell, the lead guitarist of the band Vanilla Fudge



Martell, South Tyrol, a municipality in South Tyrol
Martelltal, a valley in South Tyrol

United States

Martell, California
Martell, Nebraska
Martell, Wisconsin, a town
Martell (community), Wisconsin, an unincorporated community

Other uses

Martell (cognac), a cognac manufacturer
House Martell, a fictional family in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire
«Martell», a song by The Cribs